Creating Smite Teams

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Creating Smite Teams

Post by Lord Hexias on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:11 am

You've joined the clan and have been enjoying yourself playing Smite with all of our awesome members. The next step is to create an official team made up of your best friends or most compatible teammates. These teambuilding efforts not only encouraged by the leadership here at OTP Deicide but it is expected that you guys will want to do this. This short post here can help you get started and will also serve as a list of services we can provide as a clan to help you find success in your team building efforts.

What Kind of Team are You Making?

The first step to take care of is to answer that question. Do you want to create a team of casual players that you can rely on to be on at similar times as you or do you want to try your hand at official Smite tournaments and/or GameBattles? Perhaps you want to create a team that sits somewhere inbetween. Maybe you just want to build a team to compete in clan events with a sort of semi-pro feel. The options are only limited by your creativity and the number of game-types in Smite.

The last step in figuring out what sort of team to make is to pick a game-type. Siege, Conquest, 3v3 Joust, and Assault are the current team modes on the Xbox One. Once you have that, it is on to the next step.

Who Will be on Your Team?

As a member of OTP Deicide you have access to the Player Rosters. These will list specifically who is available to play what role in which gametype as well as their preferred style of play. The rosters can also be used to inform you if the player is currently in a team, looking for a team, or just wants to queue with whomever is available (or all three). So if you need a Carry who prefers Conquest and is looking for the same style of play (competitive or casual) as you, then you now know where to look.

I am creating a Team! What are my rights, rank, and privileges?

OTP Deicide has official Team Captains that are constantly working to build teams for specific purposes. These are not required and, as this thread has implied thus far, you are being encouraged to create your own teams. That being the case, you may be wondering if that effects your clan standing. You will be either pleased or discouraged to learn that it does not. After successfully creating a team (your roster has been filled and you have played at least one match together) you will be given the title of "Team Leader".

Team Leaders are responsible for entering teams into competitions, keeping the team active and playing together, and managing their team members. Your Team is your team. If someone is underperforming or not getting with the program, you have the right to remove them. Just be aware that if you unjustly or wrongly remove a player from your team you will no longer be able to recruit for Teams until I have given you approval to do so. Tread carefully, as the main focus of this clan is create lasting friendships and have a good time playing Smite. (Which actually works both ways. If you've been removed from a team because you haven't been doing well, crying about it won't help. It isn't fun to lose and if you aren't helping others win, then expect to find yourself back on the Free Agent roster).


That should be enough to help you get started. From here, just check the forum here to see if there are any active teams in recruitment or follow the guidelines below to create your own thread.

Creating a Recruitment Thread

First and foremost, please note that this specific board is not for players who are looking for a quick queue or team up for casual gameplay. This board is for building "permanent" teams that intend to practice and play together for the forseeable future. That being the case, here are some guidelines for recruitment.

If you intend to post a thread to recruit for your team, then you must (1) be the Team Leader and (2) this is your only team that you are responsible for. You can be a player for other teams, but will only be allowed to be the TL of one team at a time. That said, if it is being shown that some teams can't play because you are busy with other teams then you will be asked to drop from the extra squads you don't have time for.

Make sure that your thread informs any prospective players what kind of mode you are creating the team for, the style of play you'd like, and the roles you need filled.

Lastly, things get more exciting if you come up with a team name, logo, and anything else to help it stand apart.



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