Who is OTP Deicide?

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Who is OTP Deicide?

Post by Lord Hexias on Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:31 am

Some time ago, a decision was made within the leadership of Order of the Pheonix to become an Xbox Community instead of just a Halo clan. I decided that it would be amazing if one of the games we branched out to would be a fascinating MOBA still in closed beta called Smite. Early plans were for me to start recruiting right away and get the clan going, but the time didn't feel right. Players came and went as the beta dragged on and many of the people I enjoyed those first few weeks with have disappeared into other games or off of my friends list completely.

Now, some months later, Smite is available to everyone who has an Xbox One and the time feels right to open OTP Deicide as a clan for like-minded players with a desire to team up for casual or competitive gameplay.

Whether you've been my friend for a while or are a potential new member checking out the forum, I invite you to take a look around and see if this might be a place you can call home. After it is all said and done, OTP Deicide is here to provide a place for Smite players to interact and build relationships so that no one has to play alone. Smite is definitely a team game and this clan will serve as a hub for its members to team up based on strengths, the times you play, and what you are looking to get our of your gaming experience.

Naturally, we'll expand on this experience by having "Clan Competitions" and "Activities" that range from clan-wide tournaments, video clip challenges, and much more. The only way to get better at Smite is to play it, and trust me, we will be playing a lot of Smite around here. Toward that end, I will be encouraging you guys to build teams that you are comfortable with both for Casual Play and for Competitive play. The Clan Captains will typically be in charge of picking players for our GameBattles or Competitive Custom Matches. ALL members, however, are invited to try and find people that can fill roles on a team and can play together on a regular basis. (More on this here).

What you won't see here at OTP Deicide is an arbitrary rank system or an aloof leadership caste. I am here because I want to play Smite with as many people as possible. I get my kicks meeting new players and learning from them. As a result, you won't see "privates" or "generals" running around these parts. What you'll see is role-focused clan roster that encourages team play and makes it as easy as possible for new members to join.

Hopefully, that has been accomplished by appointing certain founding members to be Coaches who can assist inexperienced players at each position. Along with the Coaches, this forum will be the first place a new or long-time member can come to when learning a new role or seeking to master a specific god or game mode. This site will eventually be chock full of guides (text and video), conversations, and essays on how to play Smite, build Gods, and/or get the most out of your gaming experience.

None of this is possible without you. We need the active involvement of our members to drive these ideas into reality and help us be the best clan we can possibly be. Thank you tremendously for your time and I look forward to seeing you on Xbox Live.


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