How to Join OTP Deicide

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How to Join OTP Deicide

Post by Lord Hexias on Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:04 am

To join OTP Deicide you must contact one of our recruitment officers who will detail the rest of the process to you. Our current recruiters are listed below using their Xbox Live Gamertag. Add one and send a message. We will respond as soon as possible but bear in mind, we aren't paid for this.

Lord Hexias
Monica or Nah

Here are some tips as well as some idea as to what we are looking for:

> We will be checking to see if you have a microphone and that you can at least speak passable English. No, we are not racist or crazy. This is a TEAM oriented game and communication is the difference between winning and losing. Having a microphone or headset is not a requirement to be a member of the clan. However, you will be expected to get one within a reasonable time after you've become a member. We know that they break and can be costly, but it only hurts your teammates when you don't have one.

> We will also be determining if you will be a positive or negative influence on the clan as a whole. Mega-clans like KSI will let anyone with a controller join their ranks but we aren't KSI or OG. This is the main reason why we prefer to recruit in an Xbox Live party. We want to talk with you and get to know you a bit before we are willing to open the doors to you. Technically, OTP Deicide is a brand that its leadership has a duty to protect. So if you are a whiner, a troll, or an asshole that constantly blames his or her teammates for a loss, then we don't want you in OTP Deicide.

> The last character point we'll be looking at is your maturity as a gamer. We want to know if you can handle a clan setting or if you have a good shot at being a source of drama for us. We don't technically have an age limitation but let it be known that we will not allow to join the clan if you behave like a child.

Those points should help you understand what it is we are after here at OTP Deicide. The next paragraph will help explain our mandatory Seven Day Waiting period and why it exists.

Delayed Entry

After speaking with a recruiter, your application will be discussed and if we agree to allow you to join the clan you will enter a mandatory and non-negotiable seven day waiting period. Everyone will have to go through this and there are zero exceptions. Sounds harsh, but really, it isn't a major inconvenience for you. Its purpose is simply to allow us a chance to get to the know the real you prior to your addition into our official rolls.

During that seven days, you will be encouraged to participate in clan events and to team up with whoever you like to play a little Smite. Use this as an opportunity to make certain we are the clan for you as well. We see this as an audition for us as much as it is an audition for you. Eventually, Xbox One Smite clans and guilds will be a dime a dozen. There is plenty of room for you and for us to do some "shopping" prior to making it official. This process will protect our clan from trolls and ensure that we start off on the right foot with our new members.

If you have any other questions, please refer to a recruiter or leader.

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