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Clan Rules

Post by Lord Hexias on Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:25 pm

Our rules are as simple as it can get for a gaming community. However, use this post as a reference in the future. Compliance is a requirement for your continued involvement with our clan.

Rule #1: NO Rage Quitting
This rule is printed first because it is a zero tolerance situation. If you rage quit and leave us to finish a game without you in Smite, you are no longer a member of this clan. Period.

Rule #2: Watch Your Mouth
We are big boys and girls here. There is no global ban on swearing. That said, try to be respectful of the other people in your party. Don't use racial slurs and don't swear excessively or obnoxiously. If you are irritating the members of the party then you will be removed from that party. Use your better judgement before opening your mouth, that is all we ask.

Rule #3: Help Each Other Out
Don't get angry or upset at your fellow clanmates if they are doing poorly in-game. Help them out. And to those of you who are new, please take advice for the friendly help that it is.

Rule #4: Participate in Clan Activities
Yes, it is REQUIRED of you to participate in clan events, activities, and team-ups. Do you have to attend absolutely everything that OTP Deicide does? Hell no. No one has time for that. However, if you aren't making an effort to regularly be involved in what the clan is doing, then why are you even here? If you aren't interested in playing Smite with us then don't play Smite with us. (A side note: It doesn't matter which aspect of the clan appeals to you. If you don't like competitive play and GameBattles and such, then that's great! You don't have to participate in things you don't want to do. Just play casuals with your fellow members or team up for Leagues. Any activity counts as activity.)

Rule #5: Be Active
This should go without saying but honestly, experience tells us that clan members can sometimes get tunnel vision. We are all here to play Smite. We know this. Nevertheless, it is a requirement for all members to at least have some sort of active presence here on the forum, with the Facebook group page, or any other app or media outlet the clan has chosen to be actively using. There is no nefarious purpose behind this rule, honestly. This stipulation exists solely to maintain the overall health of our clan and our bonding efforts.

See, quite painless. Smile If you can follow these 5 simple rules then you are welcome to join the clan.

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