Official Active Clan Member List

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Official Active Clan Member List

Post by Lord Hexias on Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:09 pm

Welcome to the Current and Official Active Clan Member list!

In order to be eligible for this list the members must meet the following criteria:

1. Play Smite on the Xbox One.
2. Be an official member of the clan with obvious and demonstrated activity for 7 days.
3. Have an account on this forum.

Only Clan Members who are on this list are eligible for the prize contests and other fun events coming up in the future!

The official Order of the Pheonix: Deicide Clan Member List

This list will gain sophistication as well as more information on the members once we begin building competitive teams, casual squads, and such.

Clan Leadership

Lord Hexias - Clan Leader [Carry Coach] (Order of the Pheonix General)

NateT87 - Captain (Solo Coach)

Citadel Seven - Captain (Jungle Coach)

Stev0809 - Coach (Mid)

Yoeyhoover - Coach (Support)

Monica or Nah - Recruiter & Party Moderator (Clan Media)

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